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The POF is a Company established in the United Arab Emirates. Its business activities involve Investment and immigration consulting services, real estate and income management, high-end customized travel, property management and other activities.

POF adheres to the tenet of “Customer First” and is committed to building a “One-stop service centre for investment, immigration, travel, and property management”, guided by customer needs, based on the strategic partnership between developers and law firms where the real estate is located, and relying on the experience and resources of the business partners and making positive contributions to satisfy customer’s pursuit of freedom of asset allocation and freedom of entry and exit


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Finding a perfect home for you in a brand new place will always be our first priority, but never the end, in the future we plan to deliver more options.

The world is simply too big to discover alone, with us, we give you new home, new life, new experience and challenges, and guaranteed professional services and satisfying experiences from the beginning till the end, and please be aware, we are always around, if you are ready for the next journey, simply call us, and we are at your service, again.

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